KATAGI BLAU · Restaurant in Playa de Palma


If there’s one thing we love is to throw a party. That is why we are more than ready to share this amazing space and our skills with all of you. At KATAGI Blau you will find two kinds of events: the ones we host constantly and the ones you host. When it comes down to the #Katagievents you’ll find all the information about what is happening at this rooftop venue below, so stay tuned to know what Dj’s are playing and what other great news we have for you.

And if you are looking for a place to host your private event, KATAGI Blau is THE place. At KATAGI Blau you’ll find not only the most beautiful rooftop venue in Palma and its surroundings, but also superb Asian fusion cuisine by top chef Gunnar Blischke. But there’s more, you will also find a friendly and professional service to offer your guests only the best! We will make sure that nothing goes wrong and that your special day is even better than you can ever dream of.

Either way – at our trendy events and at your special night, we will make to pamper you and your guests with the finest food, amazing views of Palma’s bay and relaxed atmosphere.

Contact us at sales@katagiblau.com to get to know more about our tailor-made event service.
KATAGI BLAU · Restaurant in Playa de Palma